Corsat masr

- Is the first Arabic site contains And show the geographical distribution of them by different regions in detail graded starts from the province and the city, the neighborhood and the region.
- The evidence not only for education centers but also contains training material that is taught and what the centers or instructors who specialize in these training materials.
- Training materials in the directory divided into major categories and subdivisions for easy access.
- team is serving The trainee and Training Centers and the instructors alike
-And allows The ability to search and access to the information based on the training center or the site or the course.
Corsat masr team is happy that provide these services free of charge to all online visitors. And we are pleased your connect and your subscription to enjoy the free services provided free from Corsat masr. .
- Developing in Continuously adding new services serve training centers

The most paid services that serve training centers :

1- Service announcement on the pages of the site and appearing in the search results in early results
2- Management Program Service Center full training in terms of managing the lectures, instructors, students and dates of lectures as well as account management of imports and expenses

And always there is more evidence of training centers